"Boone" Maxwell Lodge

Sleep in air-conditioned comfort in our motel-style lodge!  Each of the 24 rooms has double beds and individual baths.

Lodge Exterior
Lodge Room

Ross Bonar Cottage

This unique cottage is divided into ten rooms that sleep a total of 68.  The bunk beds are removed during the winter months and replaced with 34 single beds (shown in photo).

Ross Bonar Cottage info sheet

Bonar Exterior
Bonar Winter
Bonar Center

Mary Cunningham, Mattie Price, and Pat McGovran Cottages

Each cottage can sleep between 64 and 68 in two large rooms.  Each side has one small and one large bathroom.

Mary Cunningham Cottage, Mattie Price Cottage, Pat McGovran Cottage info sheets

McGovran Exterior
McGovran Inside