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Camp Virgil Tate provides its guests with facilities and services to fit the needs of many groups. Whether you're interested in a family retreat, a wedding, a team-building or leadership training experience, a business luncheon, sporting events, church retreats, outdoor classrooms or school groups, or equestrian events, Camp Virgil Tate offers something for everyone. 

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Boone Maxwell Lodge 

In the Boone Maxwell Lodge you can find 24 motel-style rooms (with 2 full size beds in each room), and a central lounge area. The upstairs is also home to the Camp Virgil Tate Office, on the second floor. Downstairs, 2 dividable conference rooms are the perfect gathering spaces for meetings, conferences, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, and so much more. Click the link above for a map of the Boone Maxwell Lodge.








Mary Cunningham, Mattie Price, and Pat McGovran Cottages

Mary Cunningham, Mattie Price, and Pat McGovran cottages are all bunk house style cottages. All cottages have two wings with a central common room. Beds are set up in rows on either side of each cottage wing with communal bathrooms. These cottages sleep anywhere from 60 to 64 people depending on the cottage, and are great for summer camps, band camps, and other larger groups. Click the link above for a map of Mary Cunningham, Mattie Price, or Pat McGovran cottages.


Ross Bonar Cottage

Ross Bonar cottage is a suite style cottage. It contains 10 separate sleeping rooms, with shared bathrooms between 2 rooms, and can sleep 64 people. Its addition meeting room and furnished common area make it well-suited for adult groups and youth groups alike. Click the link above for a map of Ross Bonar cottage.









Brooks Daugherty Dining Hall

The Brooks Daugherty Dining Hall can seat up to 300 people. Our Dining Hall is equipped with kitchen staff that can provide food service to groups of all sizes. In addition to the dining room area which seats 250, the adjacent, dividable conference room can seat 50 additional people. Its perfect for smaller gatherings like rehearsal dinners and meetings. Click the link above for a map of the Brooks Daugherty Dining Hall. Please note, rental of our Dining Hall does not include the use of our commercial kitchen.




Gazeo and Fishing Pond


The Gazebo is situated right next to our Fishing Pond. Weddings and recreation events of all kinds are well suited for this outdoor area. Please note that we do not provide chairs or tents for this space.





The Pavilion is located near the Boone Maxwell Lodge and is available for half-day and full-day rentals and includes an outdoor grill. Renters should bring their own charcoal or ask the Camp Manager about the availability of firewood.



Horse Complex

The Horse Complex consists of 4 barns (with a total of 102 stalls), 2 riding rings, announcer’s booth and PA system, concession stand, bleachers, and bathrooms. Additional amenities include wash bays behind the stables, and several miles of trail access. Please note that a cleaning fee is required for the rental of any of these facilities.












Breezy Point Observatory

Breezy Point Observatory is maintained by the Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society. The Observatory houses a 16-inch Newtonian Reflector telescope which sits on an Astro-Physics 1600 go to mount. If you are interested in using this space for events, or want to learn more about astronomy, visit the KVAS website at the link above. If you are interested in using this space, please contact BOTH the Camp Virgil Tate manager, AND a representative of the KVAS.



In addition to the many buildings and facilities listed here, Camp Virgil Tate also boasts a few other outfits for recreation including:

  • RV Hook-ups
  • Baseball/Softball Field
  • Hiking/Horseback-riding Trails
  • Large Campfire area, capable of seating 250
  • Small archery range equipped with straw bale targets


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